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Jeffrey Bohmann MacDonald

Registration number 20150610L

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Jeffrey Bohmann MacDonald borne by his great-great-grandfather Kenneth MacDonald, 1850-1907, are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Quarterly, first Argent, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Azure; second Or, a dexter arm vambraced and gauntleted fessways Proper holding a cross crosslet fitchee Gules; third, Or a lymphad sails furled oars in action Sable flagged Gules; fourth Azure, a plumbline between two garbs Or; all within a bordure Sable charged with three mullets Or, which Arms are to be borne debruised of a label of three points Azure at the honour point for the lifetime of the Armiger's father.
Crest: On a Wreath of the Liveries Argent and Gules is set for Crest a double bitted axe Proper embedded bendways in an oak stump eradicated with a sprout fructed Proper.
Mantling: Gules doubled Argent
Motto: Per Fidem Per Spem (By Faith By Hope)


The Arms retains various elements of the tradition of Macdonald quartered shields, particularly the galley, the gauntlet with the cross and the lion. For this particular achievement the armored hand with the cross exemplifies steadfast faith. The ship is symbolic of immigrant journeys. The lion reminds one of ties to Scotland. The sheaves of wheat represent both hope and the agricultural vocation. The plumb bob represents dedication to the inculcation of virtue and responsibility to the common good. The cadency differences of the black border with yellow stars indicate the original Armiger's relationship to the holder of the undifferenced Arms. The blue three-point bar indicate that the Armiger is the first son of the holder of these particular differenced Arms. The crest's axe and stump are symbolic of challenge and resilience, and also serve as a reminder of the place that lumbering has played in family history.     The motto, "Per Fidem Per Spem" is reminiscent of the traditional Clan Donald motto, "Per Tare Per Mare", meaning "By Land By Sea", and points toward the role of the Divine.


These Arms were matriculated on 7 May 2013 to the Armiger's father from a posthumous grant on the same date to the Armiger's great-great grandfather by The Court of the Lord Lyon and recorded upon the 102nd page of the 89th Volume of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

Armorial Inheritance

  • Gary Bruce MacDonald, father, 1961 -
  • Bruce Coleman MacDonald, grandfather, 1942-2013
  • Harry Coleman MacDonald, great-grandfather, 1891-1962
  • Kenneth MacDonald, great-great-grandfather, 1850-1907

Registered by

Gary Bruce MacDonald


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