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Registration Form

To register your coat of arms, submit the on-line application below or send the requested information in an email .

Registration is FREE.

Each application requires a blazon, which is the concise, technical description of the arms in traditional heraldic terms. Before registering, read the FAQ and review the preambles for the various types of registration. If you need assistance with the blazon or application, please email the Registry.

Note: The Registry accepts only blazons and emblazonments of basic achievements: shield, helm, and crest. We reject emblazonments of personal arms with supporters, mantles, robes of estate, open-visor helms, barred helms, and crown configurations that imply nobility. See the American Heraldry Society's guidelines for more information. The Registry rejects arms that veer too far from the rules of thumb for good design developed by the Heraldic Society of Finland. The Registry rejects commercially available "surname coats of arms."

Due to the enormous backlog of orders and the extremely limited number of staff, the US Heraldic Registry has decided to temporarily stop accepting new requests for registrations and artwork. During this time, the Registry will remain online and the database will continue to be publicly accessible through our website. As soon as these issues have been managed, we will begin accepting new orders again. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but believe this will help us to provide much better customer service and faster order fulfillment in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Roll of Arms