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Nicholas Jacob Vela

Registration number 20150413A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Nicholas Jacob Vela are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure a torch Argent enflamed Or and a chapé ployé Sable fimbriated Argent.
Crest: Upon an Ionic capital Argent an open book bound Sable charged with three Cypress trees Sable.
Mantling: Azure doubled Argent
Motto: κεκαλυμμένος (Veiled)


The Azure field represents loyalty and upon it is an Argent torch, flamed Or, to represent knowledge and the armiger's grandfather. The name Vela means "veil" and is represented by the chapé ployé Sable. This also represents the constancy and eternity of Vela and has a silver lining (fimbriated Argent).

Since the crest is typically more personal than the shield, the armiger's more personal achievements are represented there. The book represents knowledge and learning and has three (3) Cypress trees on the pages in rememberance of the armiger's great-grandmother. The book rests upon an Ionic capital, representing both architecture and history at the same time. Finally, the armiger's religious affiliation, Hellenic Polytheism, is recalled through the use of the Greek motto, capital, letters, torch, and curtain.

Registered by

Nicholas Jacob Vela


Personal, Association, Category, V

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