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Celebrate Heraldry - International Heraldry Day

Registration number 20150410A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Celebrate Heraldry - International Heraldry Day are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure an oak tree erased Argent surmounted by a lion couchant guardant Or.
Badge: On a grassy mound a knight in full armor wearing a surcoat Vert doubled Vair supporting a shield with his sinister hand Azure a lion rampant Or and grasping a spear in his dexter hand flying a banner of the arms.
Badge: On a hurt an oak tree erased Argent with 8 shields of varying styles hung from the boughs Or strapped Gules the trunk charged with a heater shield Or and scroll bearing the date 10 Juni 1128 Argent.


In the first year of IHD, a contest was held to adopt a badge. Alexander Liptak (United States) won that contest and this badge has been the emblem of IHD since June 10, 2013. Thomasz Steifer (Poland) has provided free graphics since 2014 to promote IHD. His “Tree of Shields” displays 13 shield shapes displayed on an oak tree erased. The IHD organizers requested his permission to use this original art as a second badge. The Arms were developed using a loose combination of these badges, taking the color scheme from both and using the lion from Mr. Liptak’s badge and the oak erased from Mr. Steifer’s design and placing them on an Azure field. The lion is the most used animal charge in international heraldry and represents the nobility of this fine art. The oak tree, also a commonly used charge, represents the deep roots, growth and spread of heraldry over time. Emblazon of the shield graciously donated by Danilo Martins (Brazil).


Arms and Badges for use in the promotion and advocacy of heraldry across the world and in particular on International Heraldry Day, June 10th annually. International Heraldry Day (IHD) focuses one day each year when heraldry in all its forms is celebrated worldwide. Regardless of jurisdiction, geographic area, customs, favored styles and favored period, the community focuses on wider enjoyment of heraldry. The goal of the organizers is that eventually all heraldry enthusiasts will acknowledge the event in the years to come. The celebration was started in 2013 primarily by the International Association of Amateur Heralds (IAAH) who are an online community of heraldic enthusiasts ( A “grass roots” movement, started by Tomasz Steifer (Poland), a Fellow of the IAAH described the effort:

“....We propose that this international day of heraldry at 10 June. On that day, in the year 1128, in Rouen was knighted, by his future father in law, Henry I Beauclerc, Godfrey Plantagenet.  Suspended during the ceremony on the neck of a young knight shield blue decorated six golden lions, is recognized by most of the heralds, for the first time in history, fully formed coat of arms.”

The International Register of Arms, 10th April 2015. Registration No. 0327 (Vol.2)

Registered by

Kathy McClurg


Original, C, H, I

Roll of Arms