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Paul Benjamian Lindsay

Registration number 20150130A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Paul Benjamian Lindsay are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules a fess enhanced chequery Azure and Argent between in chief a sheet-bend knot fesswise throughout Argent and in base a male stag beetle palewise Argent.
Crest: On a torse Gules and Argent Upon a cushion chequery Azure and Argent tassled Or an acoustic guitar palewise Or behind a dog/talbot dormant in natural pose Sable.
Mantling: Gules doubled Argent
Motto: Endure Fort(Endure with strength)

E Minimis Maxima (From little things big things grow)


The arms are derived from the traditional Clan Lindsay arms of Gules a fess chequery Argent and Azure differenced in three ways indicating the armigerís belief in the importance of family, heritage and ancestry. The sheet bend knot is the International symbol for Vexillology (The study of flags) and its International body. The armiger has been a scholarof Vexillology for over thirty year. The stag beetle recognises the armigerís profession and field of academic study being a Bachelor of Agricultural Science majoring in entomology (the study of insects). The chequey cushion denotes ancestry and family and links to the fess in the shield. Azure and Argent are also the livery colours of the armigerís mother. The Golden Guitar illustrates the armigerís favourite hobby and is the symbol of Country Music in Australia being the highest accolade at the annual awards ceremony; a ten metre statue of the Golden Guitar appears outside Tamworth, Australiaís Nashville. Lastly the sleeping black dog alludes to the armigerís triumph over depression; the black dog is widely used throughout the world as a symbol of this illness due to Churchillís many references to it.

Endure Fort is the war-cry for Clan Lindsay and translates to Endure with Strength. E Minimis Maximas has many translations but the armiger prefers to paraphrase it as ďfrom little things big things growĒ.

Registered by

Paul Benjamian Lindsay


Personal, Original, AU, L

Roll of Arms