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Samuel Charles McKittrick

Registration number 20141227A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Samuel Charles McKittrick are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Sable, a lion rampant Or within an orle of four flax flowers alternating with four thistles Argent.
Crest: A lion salient Or resting the sinister forepaw on a locomotive wheel proper.
Motto: Cito non Temere (Latin: Quickly not Rashly)


Black and gold are traditional family colours, and are associated with constancy and generosity, which are things I (Sam McKittrick) aspire to be if I am not already. The lion rampant is an old family symbol, and is usually associated with valour, leadership, ferocity warrior traits, which reflects service and loyalty both military and otherwise.

The position of the motto (above the crest) and the inclusion of the plants reflect my Ulster-Scots/Scots-Irish heritage and identity as well as the region of the UK I am from. The motto above the crest is common in Scottish Heraldry, the thistle has long been associated with Scotland and is seen as the emblem of that country. The Flax Flower has in recent times appeared in various heraldic designs as the flower of Northern Ireland, examples are evident on the logo of the Northern Ireland Assembly and badge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and on other logos and heraldic designs and on some coinage.

The lion salient continues the lion theme reinforcing the same symbolism, while the locomotive wheel represent both my great passion for ferroequinology (better known as rail enthusiast) and can also represent progress.

The motto is an old family saying (normally in Scots as “Belive nea Ramstam”) translated to Latin.

Registered by

Samuel Charles McKittrick


Personal, Original, UK, M

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