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Dr. Bernard Arthur Juby

Registration number 20141207B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Dr. Bernard Arthur Juby borne by his father Arthur Charles James Juby are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure on a bend Vert fimbriated Argent a triangular harrow Or between two roses Argent barbed and seeded proper between six molets also Argent (Juby) and on a shield of pretence Azure a bend Argent fimbriated wavy Or beween six cinquefoils also Argent (Lines).
Crest: 1):On a wreath of the colours A demi-bear proper muzzled Gules holding in the paws a fleam Or (Juby)
2) : On a wreath of the colours In front of a bull's dexter horn erect Or scalp proper two bodkins saltirewise Argent with three cinquefoils Azure threaded Gold.
Mottos: Depositum Custodi (Keep that which is committed to you)
Sub Rosa (Beneath the rose or In Confidence)(Both for Juby)
Suus Cuique Mos (Each according to his cloth).


Juby: Sir Gilbert de Houby circa 1296 Collins' Roll (actual dob and death unknown) on the Collins Roll 1296 (de Houby) and College of Arms.
Lines: College of Arms, London. 13th July 1985 (Lines)

Registered by

Dr. Bernard Arthur Juby


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