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Nikolaos-Georgios S. Giannoulis

Registration number 20130914A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Nikolaos-Georgios S. Giannoulis are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure, a bend sinister embattled Argent, and on a canton Argent a dolphin naiant Azure, eyed, beaked and finned Gules.
Crest: On a wreath Argent and Azure a Byzantine knight (Cataphract) armed cap-a-pie, maintaining a spear Proper in his sinister hand and a circular shield Azure in his dexter hand, mounted on a demi-horse forcené Argent, saddled and bridled Gules.
Mantling: Azure doubled Argent
Motto: Αιέν Πιστεύειν (Always To Believe)

Design Rationale

Arms: The embattled line represents the Athenian "Long Walls" (Greek: Μακρά Τείχη). The Long Walls, in Ancient Greece, were walls connecting Athens with her ports Piraeus and Phaleron. Those are the cities where I grew up and still live. Dolphin has a double symbolism. It represents both my Greek heritage and Christian faith. In Greek mythology the dolphin was a psychopomp guiding souls to the Isles of the Blessed. Dolphin was also an early symbol used by Christians to symbolize Christ who guides believers to Heaven. The colors blue and white represent the national colors of Greece.

Crest: The crest represents man's journey through life. As the rider guides the horse, so is the soul that must guide the body. It also represents the Greek-Byzantine tradition.

Badge: The badge once again represents both my Greek heritage and Christian faith. One of the most famous mosaics, in the House of the Trident in Delos (the birthplace of Apollo, the mythical god of light and knowledge), depicts a dolphin swimming around an anchor. An anchor has always been a symbol of hope and early Christians used this double emblem to symbolize the Crucified and Risen Christ to Whom we place the hope of our salvation. The dolphin holds with its beak a quill pen as a symbol of my academic studies in Theology.

Registered by

Nikolaos - Georgios S. Giannoulis


Personal, Original, GR, G

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