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Evan Charles Ellis

Registration number 20100506A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Evan Charles Ellis borne by his father Wallace Ellis are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules on a cross between in bend two stag heads erased and in bend sinister two fleurs-de-lis Or five crescents Gules. A label of three points for difference.
Crest: Out of a wreath Or and Gules two arms bent and counter crossed the dexter arm vested in a puffed sleeve Gules and Or holding a stag's antler Sable and the other in armor holding a battle axe proper.
Motto: Aut Vincere Aut Mori

Biographical information

Mr. Ellis is a career soldier in the United States Army, having given a decade of service in the U.S. Army as an Tank Commander and Infantryman. He has served in the Middle East and in the US Army's 8th and 7th Cavalry Regiments. Mr. Ellis has gone to college in the fields of Process Technology, Criminal Justice and is working towards his Masters Degree in History with a concentration in Ancient and Medieval studies. The armiger plans to accept a commission in the US Army and remain as a career Army Officer. He is a member of the Royal Society of Saint George, the Constitutional Monarchy Association, Clan Montgomery Society (USA), National Infantry Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and many other organizations.

Design rationale

The armiger's arms reflect his mixed English and German ancestry. The arms themselves are based in part upon the exhausting work of William Smith Ellis on the Ellis families of Great Britain, differenced as such by its tincture, while the crescents are a reflection of his time as a soldier in the Middle East and the Fleur-de-lys or lilies are in honor of his ancestor Ulrich Renz a Knight in the service of Georg von Frundsburg who was awarded his arms by decree on July 13, 1513 in recognition of his services to Emperor Maximilian I. The stag heads erased allude to his German family's centuries of service in the household of the Counts and Dukes of Wurttemberg, having served as Councilors to Ludwig I, Count of Wurttemberg-Urach, and Dukes Ulrich I, Christof I, Ludwig III, and Friedrich I. His ancestor's God Mother was Ursula von Pfalz-Veldenz-Lutzelstein wife of Ludwig III, and he was son named at his baptism in honor of the Duchesses father Georg Johann von Pfalz-Veldenz, Palatine Count of Veldenz. The family also served as tutor's and administrator's to the Wurttemberger Noble families of von Gemmingen, von Venningen, and von Helfenstein, and were mayor's of Duhren, Waiblingen, and Stuttgart as well as Canon's of Tubingen. The Wolfhardt family were descended from the von Gaisberg, Thumb von Neuberg, and von Montfort families. The stag heads also allude to another ancestor's service as Royal Huntsman to Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine. The crest alludes to the armigers service as a soldier and his family's connection to Wurttemberg.

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