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Rowena Conception Rowland

Registration number 20100408D

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Rowena Conception Rowland which are offered in memoriam and conveyed to his descendants are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Quarterly. First, Gules two chevrons Argent between three Saracen’s heads affronte erased from the neck Argent, wreathed about the temples Argent. Second, quarterly, first and fourth, Or an eagle displayed sable langued and membered glues, second and third, Or three bars Sable on each three martlets Or. Third, Or three crescents Sable between two bars wavy Sable, in chief three martlets and in base a fret Sable. Fourth,quarterly Sable and Argent, Don Bernardo Yorba’s cattle brand countercharged.
Crest: Issuant from a circlet of poppy flowers Or, a demi California golden bear grasping in its paws a mace Or topped with a mullet Gules.
Mantling: Sable and Or.
Badge: Three ducal coronets Or each with a martlet Or.
Motto: La Puente, Quam Dilecta

Biographical information

Rowena Conception Rowland (1889-1960) was the daughter of Samuel Prudencio Rowland and Margarita Antonia Temple. Her father Samuel P. Rowland was the grandson of John Rowland of La Puente and Don Bernardo Yorba. Her mother was the daughter of F. P. F Temple and granddaughter of William Workman of La Puente. In 1913 Rowena married Delmar Fly. Her children were Theresa Fly, John Fly, Evelyn Fly, Mary Fly, Lorraine Fly, Dorothy Fly, Rowena Fly, and Joseph Rowland Fly. Therese Klascius-Fernandez was one of her granddaughters.

Design Rationale

For the first grand quarter, the three heads symbolize the three reputed birth places of the Pioneer John Rowland and the two chevrons symbolize his co-captainship of the famous Rowland-Workman Expedition to California in 1841. The colors are for the Rowland family’s ancestral home in Llantood, Wales.

For the second grand quarter, the first and fourth quarters of the device the black eagle displayed with red eyes, tong and talons was designed to symbolically represent Jose Antonio Yorba the first of my Californio ancestors. Since according to family legend Jose Yorba wore a sombrero with an eagle pendant on it while he was an officer in the royal Portolà Expedition of 1769, the utilization of an eagle iconography in the device seemed appropriate. In the second and third quarters, the use a gold shield of three golden Martlets on three black bars is a new stylistic rendition of the traditional “argent, two bars, Sable, on each three Martlets Or” that many members of both the English and American branches of the Temple family have bore and assumed. In this case the style of the quartering is in tribute to the Temple family of Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Moreover, the three additional Martlets in each quarter of the new rendering however symbolically represent my California pioneer ancestors that all endeavored to the La Puente Valley of Los Angeles, California to make their own fortunes and acquire land. The gold color of the shield is to represent the golden state of California.

The third grand quarter is in special tribute to William Workman the mountaineer. The Rivers and crescent moons symbolize his early fur trapping exploits on the Gila tributaries and the black. The black martlets and on a gold shield are remembrance of the assumed arms of Workman Workman’s parents in Westmoreland, England.

The final grand quarter is in homage to the great Don Bernardo Yorba. The black and silver quartered arms were according to some family historians bore by his ancestors in Catalonia, Spain and his counter charged personal cattle brand was added for to create distinctness on the device.

While the device is unusual in its complexity, it should be since it represents the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of her pioneering heritage

Registered by

Jason Klascius-Fernandez


Personal, Original, US, R

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