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Robert George Alexander Mair

Registration number 20100318P

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Robert George Alexander Mair are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Or, three bars indented Gules, on the uppermost a heart between two cinquefoils pierced Argent.
Crest and badge: A blackamoor's head Proper banded Argent charged on the neck of a cinquefoil of the Last.
Mantling: Gules doubled Or.
Motto: God's Mercy Shall Endure For Ever (Gaelic: Mairidh trocair dhe Gu sior)


1986 Lord Lyon King of Arms (Scotland)


1986 The Armorial & Heraldry Society of Australasia Inc.
1986 The Company of Armigers (Australian Chapter)Inc.
1987 The Australian Heraldry Society Inc.
1989 The Honourable Association of Scottish Armigers Australia Inc.
1989 The Victorian Scots

Biographical information

Married with two sons. A Scottish Armiger. Retired Health Surveyor. Retired Captain, Australian Army Cadet Corps. Member of the Australian Instittute of Health.Member of the Royal Society of Health.Past President & Fellow of the Company of Armigers( Aust. Branch). Emeritus President, Fellow & Life Member of the Armorial & Helraldry Society Of Australasia Inc. Fellow of the Australian Heraldry Society Inc. Currently serving as a Senior Staff Officer with the Victorian Goverment State Emergency Services (HQ Support unit). Life Member Australian Red Cross.

Design rationale

The gold field and three red indented bars, the one in chief charged with a crescent and a star of six points, was first registered in 1776 by John Mair, Esq. of Aberdeen. The heart between two cinqfoils are taken from the County of Lanark Arms (which is depicted in the book Simple Heraldry). The connection with my family is the pettioner's father was born in Lanarkshire.

Historical note

The surname of Mair in Scotland is a variation of the old De la Mare family whose arms carried Or, three Bars dancette Gules (Alexander Nisbet, Vol. 1, page 60, 1722).

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Personal, Original, AU, M

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