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James O'Connell

Registration number 20100317X

This certifies that the heraldic arms of James O'Connell which marshal the arms of Pacheco and O'Connell are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Quartered: 1 & 4, per fess Argent & Vert, between three trefoils slipped counterchanged, a stag trippant Proper, unguled & attired Or; 2 & 3, Argent, in pale issuant out of two cauldrons checkered Sable & Or, six snakes in each cauldron three each issuant to the outsides of the handle Vert, langued Gules, within a border compony counter compony Or and Sable.
Crest: Out of a ducal coronet Or, a stag head Argent, charged with a trefoil slipped Vert
Mantling: Per pale the dexter Gules, doubled Argent, the sinister Sable, doubled Or.
Motto above: Fuimus
Motto below: Ciall agus neart

Biographical information

James O'Connell of Spain and Quebec, Canada is the son of Daniel Pacheco (adopted the surname O'Connell in lieu of Pacheco upon his marriage to Maggie as he was disowned by his father) of Spain and Margaret (Maggie) O'Connell of Spain.

He married Catherine (Kitty) O'Connell and moved from Spain to Quebec, Canada. He had a son Michael O'Connell, of Quebec, Canada and Michigan, USA, and a grandson Lawrence O'Connell, of Michigan, USA, and a great-granddaughter, Judith Ellen O'Connell of Battle Creek, Michigan, USA, to whom these arms as blazoned were created by combining the two sets of arms found in two family ex libris with James name on them both via quartering.

Design rationale

Both the Irish O'Connell arms and crest (Derrynane) and the Pacheco arms exist in family a family bible and heirlooms in an ex libris with James name attached to each, though the arms were not together. As he was the eldest son of Daniel Pacheco, who adopted the surname O'Connell in lieu of Pacheco upon his marriage to Maggie as he was disowned by his father for this marriage, and Margaret (Maggie) O'Connell of Spain, we decided to place both arms together in a quartering. The Pacheco arms in the ex libris are very similar to the de Carralbo line of the Pachecos, but not exactly. As such, we left them as in the ex libris for differencing.

Registered by

Dennis MacGoff


Personal, Marshalled, CA, O

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