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Ian Stewart Cocklin

Registration number 20081023B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Ian Stewart Cocklin which honor his father Harold Cocklin (1925–1974) are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per fess Sable and Or four mullets of eight in fess counterchanged Or and Gules between in chief a opened book between two quills Argent and in base two cockatrices rampant combatant Sable and Argent armed, combed and wattled Gules.
Crest: On a wreath Gules and Or a demi-Cockatrice rampant Sable and Argent armed, combed and wattled Gules.
Mottoes: ‘With Thought and Courage’ and ‘Thought before Action’
Badge: A mullet of eight points Gules surmounted by the same Or rotated to show all sixteeen points the foremost mullet charged with a Cockatrice rampant Sable and Argent armed, combed and wattled Gules.

Biographical information

Ian Cocklin was born in 1951 in Lancashire England. In 1974 he graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds where met and later married Anne Chetland. They have been blessed with two children who have now both completed University and are embarking on their own careers.The first 20 years of his career was spent with London Transport in a variety of technical and managerial roles. On leaving the bus industry he moved into insurance to become the regional engineering manager of a national insurer before moving to the management board of Europe’s largest accident management company. In his spare time Ian was a keen runner, completing his first London marathon in 1982 and was a founder member and first president of Sutton Runners a club now with over a 100 active running members. He was also active behind the scenes in local politics helping the party he supports come to power locally and then to gain the local parliamentary seat. In 2004 he semi retired and now teaches, one of his other great interests, complementary therapies at two local colleges. His interest in heraldry was kindled while at school and he now feels that it is about time he registered his own arms. He would like to dedicate these arms to his father Harold Cocklin (1925 – 1974) who was born Harold Hodge and lived in Lancashire, England and worked as an electrician. He provided encouragement to work hard, seek to improve and to believe anything was possible.

Design rational

The field of black and gold represents light and darkness while book and quills in the chief represent the hope that man will learn from the past and gain both knowledge and wisdom. The four stars represent the four corners of the universe which contains all knowledge. The Cockatrice as well as being a play on the surname is also a creature with power that can turn humans to stone with just a stare, symbolising the ability to take action when this is perceived to be required and just.

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