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John Robert Jackson Keahey

Registration number 20081018G

This certifies that the heraldic arms of John Robert Jackson Keahey which are offered in memoriam and conveyed to his descendants are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules a Hand in armor fesswise holding by its point a cross crosslet fitchy Or a Chief checky Gules and Or.
Crest: A Demi-eagle displayed Gules armed Or.
Motto: Liberty

Biographical information

A farmer b. 17 Aug 1817 Wayne Co., MS d. 26 Jan 1895 Rockwall, TX The Keaheys left Scotland because of religious persecution; resided briefly in northern Ireland; then came to Lancaster Co., PA. The family name in the 1790 Census (Richmond Co., NC) appeared as MacKeachie and in 1813 and 1817 as Keachey and Keahey, about the time John Robert's ancestors moved to Mississippi. The family was originally a sept of the Clan Donald.

Design rationale

Some elements of these arms are taken from those of MACDONALD, LORD OF THE ISLES, of which the MacKeacheys, or MacKeachies, the former variation of Keahey, are a sept. The crest of MacDonald of the Isles is used as a charge while the red eagle displayed on the MacDonald shield becomes a crest for the Keahey arms.

Registered by

Larry Meadows Broadfoot


Personal, Original, US, K

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