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Warren Claude Owen Power

Registration number 20081003C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Warren Claude Owen Power which honor his 2nd great grandfather Thomas Power (1819-1890) are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Argent a leopard guardant Gules and on a chief indented Azure three escallops of the field each charged with a Latin cross fleury of the Second.
Crest: A stag's head cabossed proper attired Argent, on the sculp a Latin cross fleury of the Second.
Motto: Par la Croix la Couronne. (Through the Cross to the Crown).
Badge: Upon a plate paly of six Or, Azure, Gules, Gules, Azure, Or a escallop Argent charged with a Latin cross fleury Gules.

Biographical information

Warren was born in 1944 in Auckland, New Zealand. Joined the RNZ Navy in 1960 for ten years; later was Security Officer, Prison Officer, and Corrections Officer. Moved to Australia in 1979.

Descent from honored armiger

  • Father: Ainsleigh Leslie Power (1919) Wellington, New Zealand
  • GFather: Ainsleigh Bertram Power (1891) Wavertree, England
  • 1GGFather: Hiram Alfred Jeffery Power (1858) England
  • 2GGFather: Thomas Power (1819) England

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Personal, Ancestral, AU, P

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