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Ruth Elizabeth Broadfoot née Galbreath

Registration number 20080814E

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Ruth Elizabeth Broadfoot née Galbreath are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per chevron Gules and Or two Sea Turtles tergiant Or in base a Rod of Æsculapius Proper charged with a Disc of Radiation (a Roundel gyronny of six Gules and Sable pierced of the Last).
Crest: A Crest-Coronet of four Escallops Or.
Motto Above: Ab Obice Sauvior (From Adversity the Greater Satisfaction).

Biographical information

Born 26 Dec 1943 Montgomery Co., GA mrd. 16 Jun 1984 to Larry Meadows Broadfoot, Vidalia, GA. She entered the USAF June 1962. After serving as a medic at Otis AFB in Cape Cod, MA she was discharged June 1966. After working at Meadows Memorial Hospital in Vidalia she received training at University Hospital, Augusta, GA, Radiology School where she graduated from X-ray school and later passed the American Registry of Radiological Technology boards. After her marriage she subsequently moved to Vidalia where she continued her work as an X-ray technician until her retirement some years later.

Design rationale

Two Sea Turtles, for Cape Cod, are placed on a red field, the field of Galbraith of Culcreuch. On the lower gold part of the lozenge is placed the rod of Æsculapius (also spelled Asculepius, the god of healing in Greek mythology), a copper rod entwined with a green snake, over which is placed a disc divided into six alternating sectors of red and black covered with a black hole in the center (the combination representing her chosen field of radiology).

Registered by

Ruth Elizabeth Broadfoot née Galbreath


Personal, Original, US, G, B

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