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Dale Challener Roe

Registration number 20080609D

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Dale Challener Roe which honor his father Dennis Elwin Roe (1944-1989) are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules a Lion Rampant Argent its Head Or on a Chief Azure four Clarions Argent.
Crest: On a Wreath Argent, Gules and Azure a Talbot Passant Sable supporting over the dexter shoulder a Candle enflamed at both ends Argent.
Motto: NON DORMIO – I Sleep Not
Badge: A Wavy Sword palewise enfiled by Two Candles enflamed at both ends in Saltire Argent.

Biographical information

Dale was born in 1972 in Tallahasee, Florida. An only child, he moved with his parents to South Florida, shortly thereafter. He graduated from Florida International University at the age of 20. Currently, he lives in North Carolina, and misses his four step-children very much.

Descendancy from original armiger

Father: Dennis Elwin Roe (1944-1989) United States

Design rationale

The arms are inherited from my father. The primary charge is a bit of heraldic humor in the form of a cant—a famous comedian once wrote that “The Great Roe is a mythological beast with the head of a lion and the body of a lion, though not the same lion.” To say I am a dog person is a bit of an understatement, and the crest uses a black dog as symbol for all the dogs that have been, and will be part of my life. The candle the dog holds over its shoulder pares with the motto, “I Sleep Not”, in a double entendre not only of a busy life, but also of the insomnia that has plagued me since early adolescence


Only the shield is being inherited from my father. The crest, motto and badge are original and are being assumed.

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