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Tracy Edward Tucker

Registration number 20080525B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Tracy Edward Tucker are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Per chevron Sable and Azure, on a chevron Argent, three trefoils Vert, between in chief a sword erect Or, between two lions rampant respectant Argent, armed and langued Gules, and in base a sea horse Argent, crined Or; a bordure Argent.
Crest: An arm embowed proper, vested Or, cuffed Argent, the hand grasping a Celtic long cross in bend sinister Sable.
Mantling: Sable doubled Argent.
Motto: Cumimhnigh O Tuathchair (Irish for Remember O’Tuachair) and below the escutcheon Gloria Deo (Latin for Glory to God).


2007 National Herald of South Africa

Biographical information

Tracy Edward Tucker was born in El Paso, Texas, USA, in 1966. He descends from the Tuckers of the Charles City County area of Virginia, and that migrated to North Carolina. He is a clan genealogist and Matriculated Armigerous Chieftain of Éile O'Carroll and Clan Cián, the Irish clan headed by the O'Carroll/Carroll family. He is a Member of the Genealogical Society of Ireland, a member of Clergy and a participant in the Tucker Surname Project at Family Tree DNA. He holds both Associate and Bachelor level college degrees.

Design rationale

My personal heraldic achievement is a combination of elements similar to the arms of various Armigers to who I am related, and other design elements that are uniquely my own. I claim no right to bear any arms other than my own personal heraldic achievement.

The escutcheon is divided per chevron Sable and Argent, and on the chevron appear three trefoils Vert. These are intended to represent the many Irish lines in my ancestry (O’Carroll, Purcell, Coleman, Malone, Magill, McCarty, Adams, and others).

The two lions Argent and sword Or are representative of the heraldic charges of The O’Carroll, Ard Tiarna (High Prince) of Eile O’Carroll and Clan Cian, and Chief of the Name. He has allowed me the enormous honor of bearing his personal heraldic charges on my heraldic achievement to acknowledge my relationship to him, and to the O’Carroll family, and to acknowledge my service to Clan Cian, the Irish clan headed by the O’Carroll/Carroll family.

The chevron itself is Argent, and the base of the escutcheon is Azure with a seahorse Argent. These elements are found on many of the Tucker arms designs, as well as variants such as O’Tuachair (which originated in the Ely-O’Carroll region of Mid-Ireland), Tooker and others.

The crest is a variation of the crest found on some Tucker arms. In those cases the arm is typically straight and holding an arrow proper. I chose a more peaceful posture, and replaced the arrow with a Celtic long cross to represent both my being a member of Clergy, and my other Celtic family lines (Johnstone, MacBean, Pugh, Murray, and others).

The bordure Argent is a feature to add uniqueness. It is the same metal color as most Tucker arms, and most O’Carroll/Carroll arms, however bordures are not common in those designs, thus the uniqueness.

The mottos above the Crest reads: Cumimhnigh O Tuathchair (Irish for remember O’Tuachair) and below the escutcheon Gloria Deo (Latin for Glory to God).

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