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Michael Edward Elder

Registration number 20071212E

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Michael Edward Elder which are borne by his grandfather James Edward Elder Sr. are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert a Chevron between three Lymphads sails furled oars in action Or flagged Sable on a Chief Sable supported by a Fillet wavy four Escallops Or and for difference as a second son all within a bordure engrailed Gold.
Crest: Issuant from a Torse Or Vert and Sable a Seahorse rampant Sable finned Vert gorged with an Eastern Crown of eight points five visible and holding a Trident palewise all Or.
Mantling: Vert and Sable doubled Or.
Motto: Never Forgotten
Personal Badge: Within a Circlet Vert edged and inscribed with the Motto in letters Or the Crest as in the Arms.
Family Badge: Within a Belt Gules edged and buckled Or the tip charged with a Cross of Calvary and inscribed with the Motto in letters Or issuant from a Torse Or Gules and Sable a Seahorse rampant Sable finned Or charged on the shoulder with a Mullet and holding a Baton palewise all Gold.


2009 Italian Armorial Register 34

Historical note

Change of Tincture from Gules to Vert alluding to Maternal descent from recent Subjects of the British Commonwealth of Jamaica.

Ancestors who bore these arms

  • Father: James Edward Elder III (b. 1960) Houston, TX, USA
  • GFather: James Edward Elder Sr. (b. 1924) Galveston, TX, USA

Registered by

James Edward Elder III


Personal, Ancestral, US, E

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