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The City of Los Angeles, California

Registration number 20070826G

This certifies that the heraldic arms of The City of Los Angeles, California are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Blazon adopted by city government: Quarterly: 1. Paleways of thirteen pieces Argent and Gules, on a chief Azure, thirteen mullets six and seven Argent (United States); 2, Argent, a California grizzly bear passant accompanied in dexter chief with a mullet, a fess base all Gules (California); 3, Argent, a golden eagle displayed reguardant Proper, perched on a cactus and biting a serpent Vert (Mexico); 4, per pale Gules and Argent, in dexter a castle embattled Or, in sinister a lion rampant Gules, crowned Or (Spain). The shield is encircled by the legal name of the city (City of Los Angeles) and its date of founding (1781). Inside the circle, flanking the shield, are grapes, olives and oranges. The fruit are on a field Or, bordered with a 77-bead rosary.

Organization note

Founded in 1781, the municipality is the second largest city in the United States.


On March 27, 1905, City Ordinance 10,834 authorized and described the City Seal still being used today.

Design rationale

City of Los Angeles Ordinance 10,834 describes the city seal being used today. It explains that the lion and the castle are from the Arms of Spain and represent Los Angeles under Spanish rule from 1542-1821. The eagle holding the serpent is from the arms of Mexico and represents Los Angeles under Mexican rule from 1822-1846. The Bear Flag shows the California Republic of 1846. The stars and stripes indicate Los Angeles as an American city.

Historical note

The arms and seal adopted in 1905 replaced an earlier city seal design in use since 1854. It included a cluster of grapes and leaves surrounded by the words "Corporation of the City of Los Angeles."

Registered by

Arian Collins


City, US, L

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