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Racine-Belle City Lodge #18 Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin

Registration number 20070707B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Racine-Belle City Lodge #18 Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure between bars gemel wavy Argent in chief upon a wall masoned throughout of the second a Mason's square per chevron reversed and in base the roots of a tree both Or.
Crest: Set for a crest and rising from a torse of the colors: issuant from the top of a tower Azure masoned Argent ported Or an All-seeing Eye of God within an equilateral triangle en soleil of the third.
Motto: Faith, Hope and Charity

Organization note

Racine-Belle City Lodge #18 was formed in 2003 as a combination of Racine Lodge #18 (1849) and Belle City Lodge #92 in 1857. (The nickname of the City of Racine, Wisconsin, is the Belle City.)

Design rationale

Racine, the name of the city in which Racine-Belle City Lodge resides, is French and means 'root' in English. The bars gemel represent a river. Indeed, the City of Racine was named for the Root River which flows through it. The masoned wall and square of virtue in chief allude to Freemasonry and so the entire design is a cant for Racine (Root River) Masons. (Designed by members of the American Heraldry Society for the exclusive use of Racine-Belle City Lodge.)

Registered by

Patrick Williams


Organization, Original, US, R

Roll of Arms