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Dennis Christopher MacGoff

Registration number 20070625A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Dennis Christopher MacGoff which honor his 2nd great grandfather Henry McGoff are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Quarterly, Sable and Or; in 1st, a horse head erased crowned with an ancient Irish Radial Crown; 2nd, a tower; 3rd, a cross bottony; 4th, a dexter hand couped apaume, all counterchanged.
Crest: Out of an ancient Irish coronet Or, a naked arm embowed the hand grasping a Celtic Cross Vert.
Mantling: Gules, doubled Argent.
Badge: Within a horseshoe Argent, a fleur-de-lis Azure.
Badge: On a guze a St. Brigid Cross Argent.
Badge: Within a circlet Azure, charged with the motto in Argent, out of a wreath Argent and Azure, a demi-horse rearing crowned with an ancient Irish crown Argent, langued and hoofed Azure.

Biographical note

Dennis is the 1st son of George Dennis McGoff and Laura Ellen Meskel of CO, b. 3 June, 1972 at De Witt Army Medical Hospital in Ft. Belvoir, VA.

He is the father of one child by Ms. Martinez: d. 22 Dec., 1990 in Boulder, CO.

He is a college graduate with a double degree in Business Administration and Art History.

He is a Past Division Officer and fourth degree brother of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America and a 3rd degree knight of the Knights of Columbus. He is also a St. Joseph Covenant Keeper, a member of Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee and of C.U.I.S. (Colorado United Irish Societies).

He spent four years discerning a vocation to the Catholic priesthood before deciding to focus his energy on being a cartoonist, photographic artist, heraldic artist, interior decorator, and landscape designer.

He was born, baptized and raised Catholic.

Ancestors who bore these arms

  • Father: George Dennis McGoff, 1951-
  • GFather: George William McGoff, 1909-1966
  • 1GGFather: George Francis McGoff, 1867-1953
  • 2GGFather: Henry McGoff, 1830-1929

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