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Hassan Kamel-Kelisli-Morali

Registration number 20070411A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Hassan Kamel-Kelisli-Morali which were borne by his 3rd great grandfather Musa i-Kelisli Efendi are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert two bendlets between as many mullets Argent within a bordure compony Argent and Gules (for difference).
Dexter Crest: Three crescents interlaced Gules between two wings elevated, the dexter per fess Vert and Argent, the sinister per fess Argent and Vert.
Sinister Crest: Upon a beylical kavuk Gules enturbanated Argent a fleur de lis Or between two Osmanli tughs (Ottoman horse tail standards) proper and two banners on spears fringed and tasseled Or; dexter banner a representation of the flag of the modern Kingdom of Egypt, sinister banner a representation of the Khedive's banner.
Mottoes: Above the dexter crest - HUMILITATE Above the sinister crest - ALLA CORONA FIDISSIMO Beneath the shield - DIEU ET MON ROY
Mantling: Vert doubled Argent
Badges: Three crescents interlaced Gules. A hurt surmounted by a falcon alighting Or.


2005 Bureau of Heraldry (South Africa) Certificate Number 3451

Historical note

The original familial arms were probably assumed. The earliest ancestral armiger used the undifferenced arms (Vert two bendlets between as many mullets Argent) and the familial crest (Three crescents interlaced Gules between two wings elevated, the dexter per fess Vert and Argent, the sinister per fess Argent and Vert).

The first recorded arms were engraved on a family signet ring that dates back to at least the late 1700's. The arms were borne by all family members. Some titled members of the family differenced their arms either through an added mark of difference or by an augmentation of honor.

The armiger's paternal grandfather, upon being created a bey (second grade in 1940) and bey (first grade in 1943), differenced his arms by adding a bordure gules for difference. Since bey was a personal title of nobility in the Kingdom of Egypt, the armiger's grandfather used supporters (two lions Or armged and langued Gules) and a beylical (bey first grade) coronet that is similar to a continental viscount's coronet.

Since nobility in the Kingdom of Egypt was personal and did not pass on to the heirs, the armiger dropped the supporters, coronet and any additaments of nobility and instead adopted a second crest and further differenced the arms by changing his paternal grandfather's bordure from Gules to compony Argent and Gules. This is due to the fact that the armiger is the first son of the third son of Hassan Kamel-Kelisli bey. This was adopted at the recommendation of the State Herald of South Africa.

Ancestors who bore these arms

  • Father: Sherif Hassan Kamel-Kelisli-Morali, 1938 -
  • GFather: Hassan Kamel-Kelisli bey, 1885 - 1960
  • 1GGFather: Mahmud Wahbi i-Kelisli efendi, ? - abt 1900
  • 2GGFather: Hassan Musa i-Kelisli efendi, Abt 1824 - 1883
  • 3GGFather: Musa i-Kelisli efendi

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