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Logan Cole McHenry

Registration number 20070204J

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Logan Cole McHenry which are borne by his grandfather Randall William McHenry are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale Gules and Argent an American Bison counterchanged on a chief indented Azure between two mullets a maltese cross all Argent. Upon the bison a crescent counterchanged for difference.
Crest: An Eagles head erased Sable beaked and langued Gules suspended from the beak a double link of mullet shaped Chain Or.
Motto: In Courage is Honor

Biographical note

Logan Cole McHenry is the second born son of Randall James McHenry or Rochester, NY.

Design rationale

Armiger originated from Upstate, New York where the Buffalo Bills are a favorite team, so the bison alludes to this area. Mullets suggest the night sky, and the Crescent is denotative historicaly of a second born son.

Ancestors who bore these arms

Father: Randall James McHenry (1981- present), Rochester, NY 20060115F USHR
GFather: Randall William McHenry, Loganville, GA 20060114J USHR

Registered by

Cory Lyman McHenry


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