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Elisha Cook

Registration number 20061013J

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Elisha Cook are registered and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Or, a chevron checky or and azure between three cinquefoils azure.
Crest: A unicorn's head or winged azure.


"The Gore Roll", by David B. Appleton.
Encyclopedia Americana Vol. 7

Biographical note

Elisha Cook of Boston was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Cook, and a physician of good esteem, but better known as politician. He married in June 1668 Elizabeth Leverett, daughter of Gov. John Leverett.

He was graduated from Harvard' 57, became a Physician Boston and began to take an active part in politics as relationships between Massachusetts and England approached a crisis. He was elected to the General Court in 1681, and as speaker from 1682-4, was a leading Opponent of surrendering the old Mass. Bay Colony Charter, as the Crown demanded, in hopes of increasing its control. When the Charter was revoked in 1684, Cooke was elected as a member of the Board of Assistants which controlled the Colony until Sir Edmund Andros arrived from England in 1686 to become Governor of the short lived Dominion of New England. Cooks was one of the principal leaders of the colonists movements which overthrew Andros in 1689, and was elected and was elected to the Council of Safety which assumed power in Andros place. As one of the Colony agents in London from 1690-92, he opposed the new charter offered by William IV, but was overruled by his colleagues. Under the new charter, Cooke was elected by the General Court, annually from 1694-1702, but thereafter, his election was vetoed each year by Joseph Dudley, who had been one of Andros chief Lieutenants. Cooke finally resumed his seat on the Council in 1715, but died that same year.

Registered by

David B. Appleton


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